About This Web Proxy Site

So you want to know more about how web proxies work? Great! You have some to the right place! In its simplest form, web proxies act like a middle man. For example if for some reason you could not talk to someone directly, you could use a middle man to relay information back and forth.

This proxy service works in the same way. In places such as school and work, you can't access certain websites. This is usually the case because they don't want you goofing off instead of working. Youtube.com is one of the most blocked sites by places of employment. There are 2 main reasons. The first one being that they don't want their employees wasting time watching videos.

The second reason is much more technical. Usually when everyone is working the internet connection speed at any given office tends to slow down. The more people they have on the internet the more bandwidth that will be used. Video websites like YouTube use a LOT of bandwidth.

The more bandwidth the employees use the more the company has to shell out every month. Since going on YouTube is usually not part of an employee's duties it makes sense to just block it for everyone.

This can be true for just about any other video site on the internet. This is one of the main reasons web filters are very popular in businesses. Through this service we provide unrestricted access to the internet.

If you are able to access our website, you are able to access the entire internet. We mainly get a lot of people who are looking to unblock youtube. This is the main reason our site is mainly geared towards that. However we really have the ability to unblock just about any other website.

Another neat thing about our service is that it lets you change your ip address. Simply by browsing through our site, you are using our ip address instead of your real once. So it adds a layer of anonymity. It will appear as if you are in a whole different location.

We strive to offer the best youtube proxy service. Our service has options to change user agents. This site is also SSL or HTTPS secure which makes it tougher for people to eavesdrop into your browsing connection.