Unblock YouTube Service

InstaMapApp is a fast YouTube proxy site that was made to unblock YouTube videos and other content on the web. Everyone hates a website that loads slow. For this reason we wanted to make sure our service loads fast even during high traffic hours. Our service is currently free for everyone to use and we want to keep it that way.

Websites like this one are also known as proxies. They act as a middle man to help you get access to sites or resources that are restricted. This site is reliable and SSL secure which means all data is encrypted.To use our service simply type in the URL you want to visit below and start surfing the web! This site was built so you don't have to waste your time searching for instructions for how to set up virtual private network servers or downloading complicated VPN software.



This site also serves as a way for you to change your IP address. You will be browsing the web using our ip instead of yours. Using our site is much safer than using insecure public socks proxies. With that type of proxies you have no idea who runs the server you are connecting to.

You can access this site from just about any device from places like school or work. This site can also be used if you live in a country with internet censorship or filtered internet access. We can help you bypass web filter software quickly and easily. We hope that you think of us for all of your website unblocking needs in the future. See you online!

TL;DR: Instamapapp.com is a website that is used to unblock YouTube.com or any other website out there.